Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sunset Beach Vacation

What a much needed, highly anticipated and eagerly awaited vacation.  We got to our rental home and it was a quaint little beach house 40 yards from the ocean.  Sieauna and I quickly made our way to check out the beach to see how it looked.  It was beautiful.  A bit chilly for our taste, but fun to sit on the beach.  The next day we went to Downtown Disney and made up our minds that we wanted to visit California Adventures at some point in the week.  We checked out the Aquarium but it was a bomb, pretty boring to all of us.  After that we drove to Huntington Beach where we were surprised by Nan and Beep!  We spent the day with them and walked around downtown Huntington Beach.  Alex wanted to try out surfing so he and I spent several hours in the ocean bobbing the waves.  California Adventures happened to have their Wine and Food Festival going on, so that made the day so much more enjoyable for Justin and I.  What a fun and relaxing trip that we all so desperately needed.

But......if you don't wear sunscreen while you spend the day on the beach, then......