Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

We took the kids to this cute little pumpkin patch down the road. We probably spent way to much on them, but it was fun to "donate" to a local grower rather than a grocery chain.  Here are the creations!
PS-Justin's "31 Heroes" WOD pumpkin won me this awesome shirt! Thanks babe!

Caramel Apples!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bunko Baby!

I am honored to be part of a team of fun, outrageous women called the "Bunko Bit&%*#".  We have so much insane crazy fun together, it's indescribable!  October was my turn to host.  I decorated to the max and the gals dressed up.  Love these ladies!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vegas Rangar 2011

This race marked our one year anniversary of competing in Ragnar Relay Races.  We celebrated our anniversary in the place it all started, Las Vegas, with almost all of the original team members.  Team I~b~Pro~Fun (me, Justin, Jason Belcher, Cher Palmer, Teresa Cockayne, John & Shelly Taylor - running nine months pregnant with "Little stowaway Lilly", Christy Bartholomew, Trevor Bevan, Stephanie Tagg and Jill Larsen) ran the relay in 33:41 hours.  Once again it was an amazing time that will forever leave a huge memory in our lives. 

We left early in the morning and made the drive from Salt Lake to Vegas stopping once at a gas station /petting zoo (so bizarre). We arrived in Vegas early so we were able to hang out on the strip and have lunch at Cabo Wabo and do some shopping before our big race.  I even had time to say hello to my aunt Diane who just happened to be there the same time we were.  We stayed on a houseboat at Calville Bay Marina on Lake Mead the night before the race. 
After a fun afternoon in Vegas and some sleep on the boat, we headed out for our 8:00AM start time.  Then the fun really began.  We each had legs that were easy, and ones that were hard.  My hardest obstacles were the hills.  It was also unseasonably hot and we were running through the desert in 90 degree weather.  I ran 16.5 miles and Justin ran 17.2.  Long distances, but still lots of fun.  It helps when you have such a great supportive team to do it with. We were able to enjoy some of the exchanges and relax while waiting to switch with the 2nd  half of our team. We crossed the finish line together as a team and spent a little time together celebrating before splitting up for the night. 
We spent the morning in Vegas the morning after the race.  I got to finish my tattoo and we all had lunch and drove back to Salt Lake.  We had a great time and made some new friends.  For the first time since we started, we don't have another race on the horizon. 
What's next?  Who knows! But I'm sure we will do another one next year. ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doughnut Date!

I am one lucky auntie! Briley and Brielle took me on a doughnut date Friday. I just love to see them interact and tell me all sorts of things. And I must admit, I'm pretty smitten when they give me hugs. I adore their little giggles. LOVE those kiddies!