Saturday, May 28, 2011


Shingles again. That's all I really have to say about that.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moab in May

Let the camping season commence! We started out the 2011 camping season with a bang and took the trailer to Moab with Justin's family. Oh what a beautiful place! I've been to Moab once, in 1993 and I don't remember hardly any of it so this was like the first time for me.

Day 1: We left Friday morning and made the four-and-a-half-would-have-been-shorter-if-we-hadn't-of-run-out-of-gas drive. Yep. You read that right. Sadly, towing the trailer cost us a little more freeway mileage than anticipated. Luckily Justin's dad was already in Moab - a mere 20 miles from where we ran out - and he came to our rescue. When Justin got tired, Lilly drove so he and Stella could nap. ;) Alex found out about five minutes into getting to the campground how abundant the lizards were. He had so much fun catching the blue bellies.Day 2: After a yummy breakfast we ventured to Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands National Park. I can't believe there is something this amazing on our planet! The views were unbelievably spectacular. The day was filled with lots of walking and gawking and even a little 4-wheeling. This was NOT what I signed up for, but I'll admit, once I actually let go of the grip on the seat belt and began regular breathing, it was a tad bit enjoyable. Seeing Kathy, Justin and Sieauna's excitement made it fun too. Alex, well, the poor boy takes after his mom and we both agreed it was our least favorite part. We did end up at the bottom of Dead Horse Point on the Colorado River where there happen to be some pretty awesome petroglyphs so that made it all worthwhile. Day 3: Arches National Park. So amazingly beautiful. I don't remember it looking like that. Just driving around seeing the structures would have been enough for me, but the hikes to the arches were wonderful and took my breath away! We began at Balanced Rock then drove to Double Arches, Delicate Arch and finally, Sand Arch. While everything there was really pretty, my favorite was Sand Arch. I am NOT a heights person and Delicate Arch scared the heck out of me. I don't regret that I couldn't actually walk down and touch the arch with the kids. I was just fine wedged in between two boulders making sure I wasn't going to fall. I am glad the kids got to experience that with their dare-devil daddy. Arches was an all day excursion so we were all exhausted when we went back to camp for some yummy stew in the dutch oven.
We all had a wonderful time. I think this will be on our list of destinations to return to. We were there three full days and didn't see even a blink of what there is to see. Can't wait to go back!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Your Mark...Get Set...GO!

Kathy and Ken hosted their first annual Kentucky Derby party at their home and it was a smashing success! We dressed up in the funnest hats and attire, sipped mint juleps and enjoyed each others company while watching the fastest two minutes in sports. The party was perfect in every detail including authentic Kentucky burgoo, bourbon balls and bourbon cheesecake. We even did a little "betting" and Paul ended up taking home the pot with his winning horse, "Animal Kingdom". Thanks guys for hosting a super fun event! Can't wait until next year.