Friday, July 29, 2011

Camping at Pineview 2011

This year Justin couldn't join us at our annual Pineview camping trip. We missed him. Especially me :(. We always have such a wonderful time every year on this trip. This year was no exception.

RAGNAR Wasatch Back

The one, the only, the original. The race that started it all. Think of it as a 192-mile party with 12 best friends. Teams of 12 will rock out to live bands, enjoy the wacky participant costumes, and make life-long friends with teammates and competitors. Teams will party (aka run their butts off) along the backside of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains from Logan (85 miles north of Salt Lake City) to Park City, Utah (15 miles east of Salt Lake City). For some reason I was a bit nervous to do this race. First off, I had the longest runs of the team: 21 miles - the longest I've ever ran before. I had been training a ton at CrossFit, but hadn't been really "running". Justin had the 2ND longest runs with 19 miles. We both had long downhill runs and they killed our knees! I felt espeically bad for Justin because he had a really steep uphill run and you could tell it was brutal, but he's amazing and pulled it off - such a rockstar!

My first run was easy. I was so excited, adrenaline pumped, and ready to go at 5:00 AM. Yes, you heard me right. Let me give a little background. We arrived at the hotel in Logan around midnight and had to wake at 3:30 to be to the start line by 4:00 for our 5:00 start. I was so exhausted but as soon as I turned on my music got into my zone and got to the start line, the excitement took over and I made really good time on my first 7 mile run. My 2ND run was a little more challenging, but fun. I ran 8.3 miles down the canyon. I really liked the downhill running, but it was horrible on my knees and unfortunately, I didn't recover in time for my 3rd run, I really was looking forward to my last one. An easy breezy flat 5 miles. I was hoping to kill that one, but I ended up walking most of it because I was in a lot of pain from my 2ND run. I feel like I let the team down on that one, but I did my best and know what I need to train on for the next race. Got to stretch out that IT band! Overall, we had a great time. There were a few difficulties I noticed in this race that I didn't experience in my first two. One: I was doing Paleo. In the past races I'd carb load and during this race, I did not have any carbs and relied on protein. This may explain why I felt more depleted and exhausted after my runs. 2ND: I had a little tummy bug :(. But that is nothing and I am not complaining. My amazing friend, and teammate ran this race 6 months pregnant! I was happy to once again run with some seriously cool people. We sure do get a long well. You really build a relationship being with a person in a car for 24 hours together. They support you and you support them. It was a lot of fun and we were so happy to cross the finish line with an amazing team. Our team, the "Plundering Pavement Pounders", were noticed right away by the media and the local newspaper did an article on us and put our pictures in the paper! HOW COOL IS THAT!? We felt like celebrities. You can read all about our awesomeness here. Justin and I love doing these races and our medal collection is piling up! Next up? Napa! Can't wait to run over the Golden Gate Bridge!