Monday, August 27, 2012

Big First Day

Sieauna started middle school today, my beautiful 7th grader! Sad day for mom. And checkout little man. Not so little heading off to 5th grade today! Love those kids.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Silver Lake

I had the very fortunate opportunity to go with Alex and his Boyscouts troop to Silver Lake. It's a beautiful easy hike very close to home. This was the perfect place to reflect on God's beauty and spend some quality time with my little man. We completed a service project and picked up trash as we walked and talked about different animals and trees and all sorts of things. That little man of mine is pretty smart! I was impressed at all the stories he told and how much he remembers about things. It was absolutely beautiful.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crossfit Sandy Summer BBQ

We got to hang out with our "other family" from Crossfit Sandy at a summer BBQ at Storm Mountain park. Everyone brought food. Justin cooked pulled pork on the green egg. Billy grilled up burgers. Tons of fruit and salads all around. Besides the food, there was tight rope walking (Alex's favorite), hand stands, football, catch, bean bag toss, and frisbee. We had planned a huge softball tournament, but the darn soccer teams took over the fields. Oh well, weather was great and we always love hanging out with our friends.

Beautiful Baby Girl

I think Sieauna is almost ready to donate her hair again. Man it grows fast. As does she. Love that beautiful girl!

255 Pounds? No Problem.

Just blew my old dead lift record out of the water. 255 pounds baby. Boo-Yah.