Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Sushi Spectacular

September is an busy month. So much to do. Kids back in school, sport games starting up, cello, etc. But most importantly, September 15Th marks the shared birthdays of my wonderful daddy dearest and fabulous mother-in-law.

This year we celebrated their birthdays at Kathy's house making homemade sushi. WHAT A NIGHT! I can see why sushi chefs get paid so much and why sushi is so expensive. We all had such a wonderful time. Sieauna even jumped in and made her own crab and shrimp rolls! Great time. Amazing food and the Saki wasn't to bad too! Thank you Kathy, for opening your home to us and showing us how to make some mean sushi rolls.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Why I Love Running.

Here is my run from yesterday. It was long but breathtaking and relaxing (and hey, who can say that while you're burning 1200 calories?) I enjoyed it so much. I am very lucky to be able to run in such a beautiful city.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just Call Me Domestic Diva

When I visited Kitty in Washington, she gave me some fun How-To books with quilting projects as well as some random fabrics she didn't think she was going to use. Well, yesterday I was bored. Yep. Justin was off at the U of U game, the kids were playing with friends, the house was clean and chores were done so I decided to try my hand at a cute table runner pattern I found in one of those to-do books.

This is how it went.

Here are some of the squares after I cut the fabric but before I sewed the squares together:And after the squares were all sewn together:After adding three different borders:Then came the batting and binding. Now I didn't think I'd get this far so I was very sad when I was "in the sew-zone" and found I had no batting. :(. SOOOOO, thanks to the amazing sweetness of my friend Holli (who just happened to be on the phone with me when I discovered this and was expressing to her my sadness) took it upon herself to run to the store and get me some. I was able to finish! - Love you Holli!!!

After the entire runner was put together and binded, I decided to try my hand at stippling-closely spaced, random quilting stitches that tend to flatten the quilted area. I'd seen the work of my talented sister-in-law and wanted to try it out. Now, please don't look to closely, but I am pretty proud of the results.And here we have the finished project. Let's just call it my "Domestic Diva Day". It probably wont happen again for awhile. ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick Trip for Labor Day

We decided to take a road trip with the kids and drove to Cle Elum, Washington over Labor Day to spend some time with Kitty and Steve. We left Thursday after picking up the kids from school and drove to Boise. We arrived around 9:30 and had some late night hot wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Did I mention the hot "Blazin" wings come with a warning? Yes, they ARE that hot! That place is awesome and it just so happened that beers are two-for-one Thursday nights after 8PM so, hello!?! Perfect timing! We stayed the night at a hotel in Boise and woke up bright and early for the long haul to Cle Elum.
We stopped in Prosser, WA and had lunch at a fabulous brewery, the Whitstran Brewing Company, where I had the most amazing blue cheese burger with onions sauteed in the brewery's own stout. So good. SO SO good. Then we just had to do a little wine tasting as Prosser is considered Wine Country! They had 49 wineries in town! Their roads were named such names as "Cabernet", "Merlot", "Chardonnay" etc. It was a wonderful town and someday I'd like to go back and spend a weekend just there trying to hit as many wineries as I can. They even have a RV park called Wine Country RV Park!
Back on the road and the next stop was Thorpe where we purchased some onions, whipped honey, doughnut peaches and other local fresh fruits and vegetables. Then onto our destination point, Cle Elum.
While there we did some shopping and walking around the local Farmer's Market (where I picked up the most beautiful rosemary tree) and ventured over to the fish hatchery where we learned all about how these guys keep up the salmon population! But the most fun was just hanging out with Kitty and Steve. We had a ton of yummy food and Steve surprised us by sharing his bottle of 1992 Dom Perignon with us! We felt so privileged. None of us wanted to leave. We all slept so well in the mountain air and had such a relaxing time. We all ready miss them!
Monday we drove home. All the way home. Let me just tell you that 14 hours in a car with two kids gets a little crazy towards the end! But we are home safe now and get to cherish the memories we made.