Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough!

I am so freaking excited I can't wait!

As if Vegas didn't kick our butts enough, we are doing it again! Yep, only this time it's not Vegas. We are running Ragnar Key West! We start running in Miami and continue all the way down the Keys where we will stay for a couple days to celebrate Justin's birthday.Did I mention Justin is going to be the final runner and cross the finish line bringing the team home the medals ON HIS ACTUAL BIRTHDAY?!? How cool is that?!?

I love my life.

A special shout out to my AMAZING parents and in-laws who made this all possible by watching the kids for us! THANK YOU!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nine is Devine!

Our "baby" turned nine. I am not sure how this happened, well I am, but it clearly happened with out my approval let me just tell you!

Alex is all about the lizards, snakes and creepy crawlies this year so mom and dad surprised him with a Scales and Tails party! Austin, our amazing party host, came to our house along with a few of his best friends - a large selection of creepy things! He brought snakes, lizards, scorpions, spiders and turtles, just to name a few. Alex and 12 of his buddies got to learn all about these guys and then have some close and personal touch time! It's even possible that maybe mom MIGHT have wrapped a 160 pound python around her neck!

For the finale, Alex got to pick out his very own lizard from mom and dad. We, er um I mean, he, chose a blue tongued skink who he named "Zelda". I nicknamed it "Devil" because she/he hasn't warmed up to us yet and is a little feisty! Hissssssssssssss!

There were a TON of pictures taken (thanks Holli!), so I will only post a couple of the best ones. When I asked Alex how his birthday was he replied "Mom, it was AMAZING!" Hmmm, wonder where he got that word from? Happy birthday son. We love you so much! Thank you for being such an "amazing" boy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween! We started the season with a pumpkin carving, monster cookie making day with Amber and cute cousins Briley and Brielle. Amber and I made NINE DOZEN batches of her magical, coveted Monster cookies that we all love so much. Then the cousins got busy cleaning out and carving pumpkins. The weather was beautiful! The kids got to play in the hot tub and Amber and I got to have some actual, honest to goodness adult girl time while we shared some mimosas!Poor Sieauna was sick this Halloween. I KNOW, Right? What poor kid gets sick on Halloween? Mine did, and boy was she bummed about it. She made it through school and the parade and class parties on Thursday (parties that mom attempted to help out in, but ended up causing major chaos. That's a whole nother' story! Click here to read about that one!) and by Friday Sieauna was miserable. Saturday was worse and we were suppose to get together with Holli and Tracy and their kids, but with sick kids, we cancelled. :(
We were however, VERY FORTUNATE to get to go over to Nana & Bepa's house to have a very relaxing Halloween. Nan & Beep decorated the house for trick-or-treater's, got costumed up themselves, and put on quite the spread! The kids were excited (mom too!) and Sieauna was especially happy because she didn't have to sit in the house all night.After a yummy dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup (Nana's soup ROCKS), the big boys watched the Utes game and the girls chatted while the kids tried their best to patiently relax and watch a movie. Soon it was dark and we couldn't hold Alex back any longer. Sieauna, at this point decided the soup made her feel better so we let her go to. Daddy and I took them to a few houses. The hardest part was making Alex "walk" to the next house, as to keep his sister from running causing a cough attack or spiking her fever again. They both had fun and got a few candies. It was a good night. Thank you Nana & Bepa, for turning our Halloween into a super fun one.