Saturday, April 19, 2014

St. Groege Softball Tournament

This was the Hurricane's first tournament "out-of-town".  We all carpooled down south and had a great time playing some softball and hanging out at the pool.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

San Francisco Rock N' Roll Half Marathon

What a memorable trip! We went with our closest friends down to the City by the Bay.  The main reason was to run the San Francisco Rock N' Roll half marathon, but so much more incurred!  First of all, we each stayed in awesome hotels (Mr. & Mrs. T's had open wine tastings all evening....we stayed there a lot)  and had some of the tastiest foods (poutine anyone?) We walked and walked and walked around the city (much further than a half marathon distance) and even took in a cruise around the bay!  The race was so much fun.  We just walked it and connected as friends and it was the best half marathon I've ever done because of that.  It's a good thing we just walked and took our time because those that were running missed the magical wedding proposal awaiting Tracy at mile 8 on the Golden Gate Bridge!  SO romantic and amazing.  Of course she said "YES!" The entire trip was amazing and we have decided it will have to be an annual occurrence.