Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our New Hobby - Medical Bills to Follow Shortly

Easter Egg Deco

Amber and the kids came over while Kitty was in town for a visit and we put the kids to work - decorating eggs that is! They had such a fun time and we adults loved watching them and all their creativity.

Inspration - Vintage Style

Kitty bought me this FABULOUS vintage cake carrier at an antique shop. I am IN LOVE! Seriously. I need to go make a cake NOW! Thank you Kitty!

RETIREMENT! About Time Dad. Congrats!

After many, many years of allowing my brothers and I to feel like we had everything in the world, my dad took his well deserved retirement. We celebrated "Young" style with a surprise party at the Spaghetti Factory. Then another surprise party with friends at our wine tasting. I am so thankful my dad (and mom) worked their tails off to give us kids everything. I was totally spoiled (I're thinking: Kelly, spoiled? No way!) but really, my parents worked their butts off for us. I love you dad. Congratulations!

Do Two Halves Make A Whole? - Pfft, I Wish!

Official results:
Justin: 2:16:45
Kelly: 2:33:04

Justin and I ran another 1/2 marathon does that mean we've ran a full marathon? HAHA I wish!!! Justin, awesome guy that he is, KILLED it beating his old time by 28 minutes! I on the other hand really, really need to get my IT band/hip situation under control. I came in three minutes later than my previous time. Hey - at least I'm consistent right?! Professional pics to come later.


These are some crazy kids. Wish I was that brave. ;