Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exciting Eleven!

Sieauna, my princess, turned 11. This year was really special because she turned 11 on 1/11/11. How cool is that? Mom and dad were stranded in Key West, so we didn't get to share her actual special day, but Nana went way above and beyond and threw her an all out Rock and Roll party! Looking at the pictures, it looks like she had a wonderful time and we are sad we missed it.
Justin and I got into town late (or rather early) Friday morning so we let the kids stay home from school to rest up for Sieauna's big birthday sleepover that night. Around 7:00 the girls arrived and Sieauna and her friends spent the evening munching pizza, cake, ice cream and LOTS of treats while watching movies. I think there was even a little "gossiping" because "they are 11 now!" The girls were all very well behaved and when I checked in at 12:30, most of them were asleep. In fact, it was MY daughter and her "bff" Maddie that were the only ones still up giggling!

The girls started rising around 8:00 and Justin and I promptly got into breakfast mode making up two big batches of German pancakes with syrup, powdered sugar and whip cream, bacon, sausage, cinnamon strudel muffins, OJ and milk. They loved it!The party wrapped up around 11:30. Now mom and dad are exhausted and ready for a nap. I do believe Sieauna and Alex are ready for one too. ;)