Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sweet Mia, Rest In Peace Old Girl.

Our sweet Mia passed away today after some neurological problems and a tumor on her spleen. Justin and I got Mia when she was eight weeks old, almost 13 years ago. SUCH a cute puppy. She's been a dear part of our family ever since. Our first baby. Our best friend. The house will be so lonely without her. Rest in peace old girl. We loved you so.


I was naughty and forgot to take pictures of the kids opening Santa's gracious bounty this year. Video, yes, but no pics from home :(. However, I did manage to snap the above mentioned bounty before crazy kid madness and these other jewels at Nana and BePa's house Christmas day! Santa spoiled our little family with so many fun things but perhaps the funnest thing to play with was cousin James' new addition, Cleopatra (Cleo for short). She is adorable! And she loves to sleep on shoes, just so you know.

Good Friends, Great Times

On the 23rd Justin and I hosted our annual friends Christmas party. The whole clan came over with snacks and the kids did a gift exchange. I am so grateful for these people in my life. They mean the world to me and I am blessed to share my everyday drama with them.

Pierogi, Presents and A Princess

December 13Th marked our annual Pierogi making day, a polish family tradition that started long before I was born. It also was the special 5Th birthday of my sweet little niece, Ruthie. In addition, since our family had mixed plans for Christmas this year, we also did a cousin gift exchange. Needless to say, mom's house was full of love, family, excitement and just a little noise! Mom and dad made these cute aprons for all their grand kids. This year they are up to eight and counting! Little Jack was a little to young for the pierogi making festivities, but 2ND to the youngest, sweet baby Brielle showed her grandma and grandpa how it's done! She was SO DANG CUTE! We had a wonderful time with family. We are sure lucky.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Seriously So Sick.

Since the day after Thanksgiving we've been sick. Alex started Thanksgiving night, then Sieauna, then me, now Justin. We are all so sick with the most wicked head colds EVER..I'm sure of it! The kids have been out of school officially for one week now. Every single garbage can is full of Kleenex. This has been the worst cold I've had in...well since I can remember. I've been to the doctor. Going back again today. Ugh, I am SO done with this. We have things to do people! I don't have time for this! I need a vacation. :(

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....

On Saturday we got out the Christmas decorations and went crazy. The kids had a great time as usual, despite Alex's little cold. Justin got the lights on outside. It's all festive over on this side of the neighborhood!

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we spent Thanksgiving at the Young family cabin. It was so peaceful and nice. The weather was perfect. Both my brothers and their families were there. It was a full house with all 16 of us there! We played in the snow, ate some seriously delicious foods (I even made nanny & poppy's squash pie!), got in some major snuggle time with baby Jack, playtime with my nieces and nephews and just hung around enjoying each others company. Jen and mom even got me to get my butt out of bed at 4:00 am to hit the stores for a little Black Friday shopping! Justin went all Iron-Chef on us and made this out-of-this world breakfast with eggs Benedict with his own homemade sauce, crab, asparagus and mimosas. Um....can we say YUM-O? We had a wonderful time and I'm so thankful for my family. Mom did an amazing job pulling it all together.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Great Eight!

Alex had three parties. One with his friends from school at Classic Skating. This party was so cool! We went on a Wednesday and the 10 kids had a blast doing everything Classic had to offer! Bounce house, laser tag, jungle gym, roller skating, ball blast zone, pizza, scooters, and a big ol' Indiana Jones cake. They all loved it! Next he had a doughnut party at school with his class and finally a big family party at our house complete with hot dogs and hamburgers grilled up by daddy. Thank you EVERYONE for the super awesome presents Alex got. He is soooooo very happy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Eight Is Grrrrrrrrrrreat!

My baby turned eight today. I am sad he's growing up. He is excited that he "officially" can sit in the car without a booster (all though he reached the height requirement when he was five ;). He is so smart and loves to cuddle (still, everynight). He loves Indiana Jones, Lego's and Wii. Loves candy, sweat pants and his hiking boots. I love my little man so much. He makes me laugh every day. Congrats on being eight buddy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Growing Up

Here are the new school pictures of my babies, only, they are not babies anymore :(. This year they have both officially lost that last look of the toddler phase. They are growing so fast. Alex is as tall as Sieauna! This is the year they look like twins. I get asked frequently. Oh I miss my babies, but I love what they are growing up to be.
Sieauna - 2009
Nine years oldAlex - 2009
Seven years old

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ahhhh, Fall. My Favorite Season.

I absolutely love Utah in the fall. Where can you see a more magnificent display of God's beauty? These are just a couple pictures I took over the weekend when Shannon and I went up to the cabin and to Park City. Hope you enjoy as much as I am!