Monday, July 26, 2010

What Relaxation Should Be

We love Pineview Reservoir. Really REALLY love it so much. This year was perfect in every way. From the super soft sandy beaches and "just right" cool water, to the nights by the campfire, to celebrating my awesome sis-in-law's birthday (she is the Thelma to my Louise), Pineview is always one of our favorite camp spots EVER. We had such a fun time and we all complained when it was time to pack up. We were there for four days and spent two full glorious days right on the beach. We brought our food for the day down with us and stayed until dusk. One of those days we had a jet ski and even though the water was a little rough, it was still a total blast. My kids could not get enough of the water! They were like fish all day everyday, especially Sieauna. They are looking like little golden sun kissed beach babies! They good part about this is that they slept like rocks after playing so hardcore all day long. Alex met a little friend, Dakota, who is the same age as him. The were inseparable and played together all day long for three days. Their family even took Alex boating with them for a bit! They were so cute together. When it was time to say goodbye, we exchanged phone numbers and Dakota said "I wish I had a brother and I wish it was you". It was so sweet. One night Justin and Ken took the kids fishing and Sieauna caught her first fish! It was soooooo cool. She caught a very small large mouth bass. She was consumed in pure joy and was so proud. We were so thrilled for her. It really sparked a desire to "do it again!" Justin toted the Big Green Egg and cooked up "do it yourself" pizzas. Total hit (even if it was a little time consuming). He rocks the Egg and we really should just build a cart on the trailer to tow it permanently :). I miss the sound of the waves. I miss the sound of the boats and miss the warm sand between my toes. I wish we could go back NOW but alas, there is that thing called "reality" that we must return to. Ahhhh well, it was magnificent while it lasted.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bear Lake Beach Blast!

We went camping to Bear Lake for the 4Th of July weekend. LOVED IT! I don't care if it's not some tropical island, there is just something about sandy beaches and beautiful waters to bring out the relaxation in a person AND the waves bring out the Thelma in me...which was perfect since my jet ski companion Stacey, errr I mean, Louise, was totally in the mood for some serious bruise leaving wave crashing. We stayed at the Bear Lake KOA which had many activities for the kids. They rode banana bikes, tooted around the train around the camp, jumped on the "jump pillow", took Lilly to the dog training park, met a great friend, Dylan, who showed them how to race our remote control trucks and so much more! One day we even rented a 6-person sulley and rode into town for raspberry shakes! Justin, in total Justin fashion, brought the green egg and cooked up some delish ribs that Kathy made. I slow cooked a 8.5 pound pork shoulder and made some stellar pork carnitas. Loved the super hot bacon wrapped jalapenos too! And of course, what camping trip isn't complete with hot dogs and hamburgers from Stacey! On the 4Th, Kathy made "red, white and blue biscuits" (think Carl's Jr.'s strawberry biscuits) and Sieauna helped out a little in creating those masterpieces. OH MY YUMMY!
My mom and dad came up for the day on the 4Th and slept in the trailer with us then mom covered breakfast with her famous strata's! None of us wanted to leave. We had a wonderful time as usual and I am so grateful to my family for the wonderful memories we are making for our children.